PCT Journal: Looking back

Stagg 109.JPG

One year after I finished the Pacific Crest Trail, I published my pictures and journal in a coffee table book format. Here is what I wrote as the introduction to that book:

No one told me that the hardest part of the Pacific Crest Trail would be coming home. Still today, over a year since I’ve been done, those five exhilarating months on the trail haunt me and continually call me back. Every single day my thoughts turn to the rewards of stunning scenery, the intrigue of what’s around the next corner, the sense of adventure that comes with facing the unknown, the satisfaction of accomplishing what previously seemed impossible, the companionship of lifelong friends made along the way and the endorphin buzz that carried me through. I’ve gained an impatience for sitting around, a need to surround myself with people who push me to continually explore and a healthier work/life balance that incorporates more play into my life. In comparison, a 9-to-5 job seems even duller. This shift of priorities will make it hard for me to ever be satisfied with the daily grind of work life and will forever lead me towards the next grand journey that makes me feel alive. If you ask me, wanderlust is a great problem to have.

I dedicate this book to all the wonderful people who helped make this trip possible. Thank you to the countless trail angels who gave us rides, fed us, and welcomed us into their homes; to my mom and dad, who didn’t worry about me too much and offered plenty of encouragement and yummy snacks along the way; to Stagg, Gang$ta Rap and my other loyal hiking companions; to trail crews past and future who create and maintain this amazing trail; to my online readers who held me accountable to keep hiking and to write in my journal every day; and to Mother Earth for making the West Coast so damn beautiful.

Lake Tahoe, December 2012


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