Day 6: Family hike

Logan Brook Lean To to Pleasant River – 13 miles

Not all dads are interested in lugging a big pack over a mountain, trudging through bogs, braving mosquitoes, and scaling slippery granite peaks for one hundred miles. I’m glad mine is, because it’s been fun to hike with him this past week. I also love that my mom came out to Maine to see me off on the first day and serve as our trail angel in Monson.

The past few days we met several long distance hikers who brought their family members along specifically for this section, which speaks to the appeal of the Maine woods.

One thru hiker rearranged his trip so his wife could join on her week off. Another young man we camped with invited his father and brother for the final segment of his thru hike.

My parents could have spent the week relaxing in their sunny back yard, so it’s cool that they chose to come to Maine with me instead. It’s nice to share some of the experience so they can relate to my pictures and stories on a more personal level, and I was able to have a much softer start because they were here.

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