Day 13: First town stop

Bigelow Col campsite to South Branch Carrabassett River – 16 miles

Stopping in Stratton was a lovely diversion today.

In exactly two hours, I hitched the five miles into town, resupplied my food, ate lunch, and was back on the trail.

Jim, a Stratton local who works for Sugarloaf Mountain, drove me into town. He describes himself as “real nice” and invited me to turkey sandwiches for lunch. I opted instead for a lunch of Maine classics – a lobster roll, a whoopie pie, and Moxie soda. Of course, I ate them in a classically hiker trash manner, sitting on the ground in front of the grocery store.

At camp, I enjoyed riverfront dining with three northbound ladies. With my fresh groceries I concocted a surprisingly tasty blend of cous cous, cream cheese, powdered gravy mix, zucchini slices, and that funny canned chicken spread I have always been curious to try.

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