Day 20: Town Meal

Gentian Pond Shelter to The Barn Hostel in Gorham, NH

On my way into town, my habit is to stop a few miles before the trailhead and finish my leftover food. When I’m within easy striking distance of a hot meal and a cold beer, it is tempting to rush through the last half day. Instead, I prefer to get there with a full belly and an empty food bag, rather than running on fumes.

The sweaty cheese, week-old pepperoni, and powdered potatoes are going to look a lot less appetizing in a few miles, so I’d better eat them now. Especially since I already paid for them and lugged them these last 78 miles from Rangeley.

So cheers to giving a fair shot to all those crumbly crackers, stale bagels, and melted trail mix that are crammed in the bottom of your pack, waiting to fuel the last few miles of your adventure.

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