Day 29: News

Trapper John Shelter to Hanover, NH – 17 Miles

I emerged from ten days on the trail and found out a lot happened in our country since my last town stop in Gorham.

Usually news finds me in the backcountry. I heard right right away about Michael Jackson’s death and Beyonce’s baby bump. Somehow, barely a whisper reached me about North Korea or Charlottesville.

Within an hour of walking into Hanover, my friend Jane met me for dinner and caught me up on what I missed. Then she brought me to her social organizing group that meets above the White River Junction, VT train station. They debriefed the past week’s events. The informed conversation about current news was refreshing after four weeks of hiker chatter about gear and weather.

The first I heard about the turmoil in Charlottesville was from Omelet Guy, who cooks eggs for hikers on the side of the trail. He lives off Cape Moonshine road in the Live Free or Die State and, as you might guess, his version of the events was very different from the one I heard from Jane or the mainstream media. His interpretation likely represents how many people in America feel, and is a viewpoint I would not be exposed to normally in my liberal bubbles of Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area.

During this trip I will be visiting a different slice of America than the one I usually know. One of my goals is to learn about the history of the places I visit – including Charlottesville, where I will be in a few weeks.

With a fresh set of news podcasts and a full cell phone battery, I’m headed into Vermont to catch up on last week’s news.

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