Day 44: Out

Morgan Stewart Memorial Shelter to Stormville, NY (4 miles)

This morning I packed up camp and hiked four miles to the trailhead. My parents picked me up for a family wedding and I left the trail without any remorse.

On this trail I was seeking companions like the great friends I found on the PCT, but I didn’t find anyone at all to hike with. It would have been fun to linger in town and scenic lakes with a partner, but I hardly met anyone heading my direction. Most southbounders I met were going slower than I wanted to and I didn’t meet anyone I wanted to hold back for. In a catch-22, I’m moving fast because I’m alone and I’m alone because I’m moving fast.

I may not have made any lifelong friends like I’d hoped, but I did learn to keep myself good company. This might be even better. Like they say, the trail gives you what you need, not necessarily what you want.

It is without any sadness that I am thanking the trail for what it gave me, and then walking away for good. I am ready to call Stormville, NY my southern terminus

7 thoughts on “Day 44: Out

  1. Hi 12 ounce, finally my son help me to find you site! I need to find you because I own you a big apology! Hope you still remember that we meet at August 26 in Massachusetts. A chinese lady who tried to interview you for my youtube channel but did not pressed the correct recording touch! After you left I check on my phone and find out there was no interview recorded, I tried to rush back to the wood to find you and call your trail name as loud as I can! However you were way gone as you said you hike really fast!
    You are the first Sounthbound AT lady I met, it would be a very special for me to have you in my channel but I was bit tired on that day and made such a silly mistake!
    Although I did not record the interview on my phone, I recorded in my mind. You are a very nice lady, bringings lots of positive energy that we need to hike in this longest trail in the world! You smile liked the sunshine in the wood!
    Thanks so much to let me know your site, it is very enjoyable to read them. I feel very lucky to met on the trail! Happy Trail!

  2. It appears that the hike accomplished what you wanted and needed. Enjoy the next adventure and being back with family! Thank you for sharing the trail with those of us who do not have the courage to start. Sending hugs…

  3. Nice to have crossed paths with you aka 12ounce along the Saddleback range in Maine. As I was heading northbound someone was trying to catch up with you. When I told him where we crossed paths. I suspect he didn’t think he would catch you. 44 Days and Catch 22. Interesting numbers for a numerologist to ponder.

      1. No name. He was hammock camping and did ritualistic yoga stretches in front of the shelter before turning in. He asked if anyone had seen 12oz and how far ahead you were. This would have been when you were in or approaching Rangeley. I mentioned if you had a zero day in Rangeley he might catch up with you.

        I wish you all the best in your on and off trail worlds.

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