Day 15: Locals

Redington Stream Campsite to South Pond – 10 miles

Small town Mainers sure are friendly. After a single afternoon in Rangeley, I already felt like I knew a few locals.

I started my day with a traverse of the Saddleback Range, where I met Pat with his dog. We chatted about the sale of the local ski hill and then parted ways.

I hiked quickly on the way down, knowing a shower was close. I sensed the trailhead must be approaching when I encountered a very large woman with a tiny dog, stopped on the side of the trail for a smoke break. She told me she all about mounting a Fit Bit on the pup to track its activity.

Hitching a ride into town was easy. Earl, in his camo upholstered truck, was headed to the same gym I was – me for a shower and Earl to watch his kids play soccer. Learning my name is 12 Ounce, he offered me a beer and I happily consumed it in the shower.

The older naked lady in the gym shower advised, “This upcoming section of trail is very hard and your mileage may drop. Listen to your body and you’ll have more fun.”

At the grocery store, the same Pat from the Saddleback trail recognized me and gave me a lift to the Suds & Sizzle, the local laundromat and tanning salon combo. He handed me another beer as a parting gift.

Heeding the advice from the naked gym lady, today my body told me I wanted a shower and to sit on the porch of that laundromat, drinking the beer Pat gave me, while I washed clothes and waited out this rain storm.

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