Day 16: Frogs

South Pond to Bemis Mountain Lean To – 16 miles

Last night’s rain refreshed the mud and brought out the frogs.

The rowdy chorus of bullfrogs at South Pond was a nice bedtime serenade and was so loud I needed my earplugs to sleep.

Frogs need water to lay their eggs, so they come out after a rainstorm to gather, sing, and mate. Nearly every puddle today was teeming with them. When I pass through, half a dozen scatter. I always feel rude for crashing the party and breaking up the good time.

“I have always liked frogs…I like the looks of frogs, and their outlook, and especially the way they get together in wet places on warm nights and sing about sex.”

– Archie Carr, The Windward Road

* I know this picture is of a toad, but the frog pictures I have all look like eyeballs floating in a mud puddle.

One thought on “Day 16: Frogs

  1. Hi, Maddie,
    Michael and I met many a thru hiker on our three days on the AT in New Hampshire this summer. Very impressive lot, and I’m not just talking about their aroma! (lol). Hope your travels are full of wonderful conversations and blue sky days. If you need a rest when you pass through Massachusetts, reach out. We’re in the Boston area.

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