Day 35: Pack Repair

Bromley Shelter to Kelly Stand Road – 20 miles

Leaving Manchester Center with a full resupply, the stitching on my pack strap popped. I knew this day was coming.

You see, my sewing machine kept jamming up with industrial strength thread, so I used all purpose instead. I did my best with reinforcing stitches, but I knew eventually something would bust.

Conveniently, the warrant department (me) was standing by with a sewing needle, thimble, and bobbin of heavy duty thread. I found a comfy sitting log, emptied the entire contents of my bag, and turned it inside out. Where the strap had pulled out, I placed about ten sutures, complete with surgeon’s knots and all. Half an hour later, I was on my way with stitching that was even stronger than on day one.

Every commercial pack I’ve owned has required repairs by this point, so I’ll consider it a success that this homemade experiment made it 540 miles before it’s first ripped seam.

4 thoughts on “Day 35: Pack Repair

  1. So incredible and vastly entertaining. I think of your vast journey as I walk near the ocean in South Orange County. Great way to wake up even before I cross pch

  2. A very resourceful person for sure! And surgical knots should be easy for the daughter of medical parents 😉

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