Day 42: One third done

Pine Swamp Brook Shelter, CT to Ten Mile Shelter, CT – 25 miles

As of tonight I’ve hiked exactly one third of the Appalachian Trail. At this point, I am done. I’ll be leaving the trail on Friday for a family wedding and I don’t have much desire to come back.

I stopped having a good time because I am bored, hungry, and alone. I find myself frequently counting down the miles until the end and I’ve run out of curiosity for what lies ahead. It doesn’t help that many other hikers tell me I’ve already seen the best part. I don’t see this as a failure or disappointment, I see it as being honest. I would rather stop before the hike becomes a sufferfest.

I Iike being a thru-hiker, self-contained and traveling light and fast, but I don’t like doing it here. I don’t share the same enthusiasm for the Appalachian Mountains that it seems many Northeasterners feel, and I find the seemingly endless green tunnel very repetitive. There are many other great trails out there and I don’t want my boredom on the AT to spoil hiking for me.

I gave this trail an honest try but it doesn’t speak to me the way other out-of-doors places do. I have the time, money, and energy to keep going but I don’t feel like this is the best use of those resources. I have to be true to myself and move on to other activities that feel more meaningful.

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